Starlette’s Web is the Midwest area’s premier tribute band to the iconic female artists of Pop, Rock, and Country music from the 80s to today. Led by vocalist Stephanie Varone, Starlette’s Web taps into the catalogs of the most famous female-fronted artists and bands of all time, including Joan Jett, Shania Twain, Whitney Houston, Katy Perry, Cher, Alanis Morrisette, Dolly Parton, and more. The band puts on a high-energy show that appeals to fans of all ages, and gives them a fresh, fun experience they’ll never forget.

Stephanie Varone is a powerful performer who has been singing professionally since the age of 16 and has appeared at the Grand Ole Opry and on NBC and TNN. The band members rounding out Starlette’s Web are some of the finest musicians in Minnesota. In addition to Varone, her dynamic Co-Starlette lineup includes vocalists Lindsay Mattson & Ashley Commodore. Rounding out the band include some of Minneapolis' greats, including guitarist Jeff Bernett, bassist Patrick Smith, keyboardist Andrew Crowley, and drummer Peter "Pistol Pete" Suttman. The band is a newer face on the Minneapolis music scene, but its success has been instantaneous and the response strong. Starlette’s Web has gotten rave reviews in Minnesota, Iowa, Illinois, Wisconsin, and North Dakota and is rapidly building an outstanding brand with each extraordinary show.

Stephanie says, “It’s about the energy. People come to a show and they immediately get what Starlette's Web is all about; coming together in celebration of our love and respect for the best songs from our favorite female artists. No matter a fan's age, race, or background, they enjoy our shows where they dance, sing, forget their worries and get caught up in our Web of Starlettes. It’s a party for everyone, brought by the music of the most kick-ass females in the business!”

With a catalog of over 100 songs, Starlette's Web will tailor a show for any event by genre or era or by selecting favorite female artists. If a club, venue, or special event needs exceptional live music suitable for any audience, you need Starlette’s Web, featuring Stephanie Varone!


"While this may be a new band, their individual talent and performing experience are not. Give them a try and be ready for high energy. I love to swing my lady around the dance floor to this band!" Scott D. | Minneapolis, MN


"What a fantastic show! So fun to hear a variety of music from the past and present - Lots of fun!" - Pattie G. | Maple Grove, MN


"Great group - they really know how to sing!" - Steve L. | Hastings, MN

"Great band! The girls are rock stars and the band is super tight!" - Rachel Anne W. | Saxon, WI

"This group is so amazing…I love every song!!!" - Ellie D. | Des Moines, IA

History Was Never Made With a Well-Behaved Woman

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